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Net Worth Update – September 2017

Earlier this year I started taking my finances seriously. I spoke about why here and spoke how tracking my net worth would be a key thing I’d start doing monthly.

I’ve been doing so for 6 months, since April – before I started this blog. I now want to start providing monthly updates to see how I’m doing.

September 2017 Update excluding home equity:

NW Sept

Including Home Equity:

NW Sept Home

I’ve been pleased to see these numbers be fairly consistent throughout the year. I was pretty shocked to see the initial Net Worth number, excluding home equity, be so low at just £4,190.

But this is very much the start of my journey, the main reason it’s so low is that my wife and I have over £20,000 of student loan debt still hanging over us. I’m not that worried about this figure as I’ll write about in a future post, but did factor it into the calculations.

The Net Worth including home equity was a lot healthier. The reason it’s increasing a lot more than without the equity is our fairly sizable, £1,500+, mortgage as well as the fact our London flat has been ticking up in value, over £10,000 in the period according to Zoopla.

I will be providing updates to my net worth each month to see how things are going and to remain accountable to these numbers continuing to increase.


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