Net Worth

NET WORTH UPDATE – October 2017

A belated look at my October Net Worth paints a pretty good picture.

Here’s how things look with Home equity on the left and without home equity on the right:

As you can see, there was quite a big uplift in the home equity side of things with Zoopla reporting an increase in the value of our flat of £18,000. This may not be totally realistic but for the sake of consistency I’m accepting this value, I do believe we could get more than Zoopla reports for our home given how we’ve invested in it since it was bought.

The increase excluding home equity was the biggest it’s been all year which was nice to see. This is a combination of having finished all our trips for the year and not having anything else booked! Although, I think this may remain a 2017 record given that spending for Xmas is on the horizon. My wife also entered into some new share schemes at work which are a decent tax break.

I have also, as I mentioned, started looking into the idea of matched betting. My earnings already include a small side hustle which makes about £250/month without any work, so adding matched betting to add another £100/month could be a nice little bonus, especially as it’s tax-free!

I will look to get a blog post of my net worth updates finished more promptly in December, as it’s not long till it should be due to being posted! I will also have a think about some 2018 targets as I didn’t have these in place in 2017 given I only really started thinking about a lot of this stuff after the start of the year.

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