Net Worth

Net Worth Update – December 2017


2017 is finally drawing to a close. It’s been my first real year focusing on savings and investments and really planning for my future. I believe incredibly strongly, that even at a young age (27 counts right), you need to be focused on your long-term finances. I set out my plan this year of retiring early. I haven’t set an age yet, and think this is something I need to do, what are your plans?

December finishes my net worth updates, I’m going to be stricter with this next year in recording things at the right time and posting shortly after.

December saw me hit a nice milestone of £200k net worth including home equity. That’s up from just £135k in April when I started tracking things. That £65k increase has been driven a lot by home equity, up by £31k, but I’ve also opened up a stocks and shares ISA and invested relatively heavily in that space, as well as tracking down old pension pots and just generally getting on top of things!

The increase in net worth excluding home equity was above £4k for the second month running, surprising given that there has been a lot of spending on Christmas, but it’s in line with a new share scheme at work and a salary increase for my wife.

I’m going to be thinking about goals for 2018 and see if I can write them down and commit to them early doors next year. Do you have any goals yet?


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