How I Freed Up Over 1GB of Storage On My iPhone

Storage Almost Full

You can manage your storage in Settings.

This may not follow the main topic of this blog but was a recent discovery that I thought – this is awesome and I wish I knew this earlier, and for that reason, I thought it would be useful to share.

Many of you fellow iPhone users may recognise the heading above, I know I certainly do, but luckily I have found an easy way to, temporarily, free up some space.

  1. Go the App Store
  2. (Attempt) to download “Injustice: Gods Among Us”
  3. Enjoy tonnes more space on your iPhone



Now I’m sure you’re thinking, is that it?! But those three steps will do the trick. You’re now probably now asking, well how does that work!? So I’ll briefly explain:

Your phone is a powerful machine, it remembers a lot. It stores a tonne of information that you don’t really ask it to, such as Emails so you don’t have to download them every time, it’ll remember a certain amount of posts from your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Basically, there’s a lot of stuff saved in your phone’s memory known as cache.

Whilst the details of this don’t really matter, what matters is there’s an easy way to clear the cache, Apple will attempt to clear your phone’s cache if you attempt to download a new app, I chose Injustice: Gods Among Us as it’s a whopping 1.9GB. The phone will clear out all the cache in an attempt to free up the 1.9GB needed to download the app, typically it will not be able to do this so the download will fail but the cache will be gone.

It’s worth stressing that this is a temporary solution as the cache will build up again, but I find that doing this once a week will give me enough space to work with and saves me from those dreaded “Storage Almost Full” notifications.

Those eagle-eyed readers will have noticed another more intuitive thing I do to save space on my iPhone which is using iCloud, I have almost 25GB stored there, mostly pictures, and would also highly recommend that to anyone who hasn’t already, it’s 79p/month I gladly pay to backup pictures of many great memories and also fill up my phone’s memory with other things!

Like I said at the beginning, a bit of a different post to what I expect to post regularly but I found it incredibly useful and thought it would be good to share, I hope you can find it useful too!

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