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How I Earned Over £1,000 Through Cashback Sites in 2017

I discovered cashback sites in 2017, I was probably pretty late to the party, but I have to say – I love them!

As part of me taking control of my finances in 2016, I realised that there was a big opportunity to “earn” from my spending. The two main ways of achieving this were credit cards, which I’ll cover at a later date, and cashback websites.

You may be thinking, what is a cashback site?! So I’ll quickly explain. A cashback site will pay its members a percentage of money earned when they purchase goods and services from other websites. For example, if you book a hotel for £500 through Expedia via a cashback site, that cashback site will give back £50, they can do this because Expedia will pay the site for the traffic that’s been sent its way.

Now you know what a cashback site is you can probably see why I wish I knew about them a long time before!

After doing some research I decided to make TopCashBack the main site I focused on. They have the highest rates and had positive reviews.

Once I was signed up I made sure that anything I bought was through TopCashBack I would even move from one retailer to the other if it meant that the cashback I received made the product cheaper.

I benefitted from some pretty big discounts, I booked multiple hotels and received 10-15% of my spend back. I renewed my broadband, home, and car insurance through TopCashBack and earned hundreds. I currently have over £1,000 in my account and am researching the best withdrawal strategy, you can take cash to your bank account or get vouchers or air miles which offer a bonus of 10% at times.


TopCashBack Account


Whilst I use TopCashBack as my main site I am also signed up to Quidco. The offer rates similar to Topcashback but I wanted to focus on just one site. However, there are many benefits to joining both. I occasionally, every month or so, get an email offering a bonus, usually, something like receive £5 cashback when you spend £10. Offers like this are too good to pass, you’re effectively getting a 50% discount!


Quidco offer


Taking advantage of these kind of offers have really helped me boost my earnings across both sites, but I’ve really just been focusing on putting as much spend as possible through TopCashBack and am probably getting back around 5% on average.

Click here to join TopCashback and click here to join Quidco – through their refer a friend scheme you should receive a £10 bonus just for joining!

I hope that has enlightened you to the possibilities of cashback sites, like I said earlier – I wish I had discovered them earlier, but it’s certainly been a great experience since I’ve been using them and I hope you can also cashback on some of your spending y using them.

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