2018 Plans and Goals

There it goes, 2017 is over in a flash and we’re around the corner from 2018.

I thought I’d take the time between Christmas and New Years to relax but also to think about next year and to set out some goals. Given that you are much more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down, I thought it would be a good idea.

My financial goals for the year, which I will update on each month, are centered around my net worth including and excluding home equity, this includes my wife too. I started tracking those numbers this year as part of my goal to take control of my finances. When I started out my Net Worth excluding home equity was just £7,456.74. This was weighed down a fair bit by our £25k+ student loans. We ended the year at £35,558.23, a strong gain which was growing monthly by £3.5k.

The goal for this number in 2018 is to finish on £75,000,  this will be adding £40,000 and doubling my current number.

My Net Worth including Home equity had an equally strong year increasing from £135k to £200k in just 9 months. This was driven a fair bit by the value of our London flat which, according to Zoopla, has appreciated nicely.

The goal for Net Worth including home equity for 2018 is £260,000. This, again, will represent a strong increase, I haven’t factored in as much of a bullish housing marketing for 2018 as I saw in 2017. I will be updating numbers monthly, to see my final 2017 update check here.

I look forward to the new year and hope it’s prosperous for everyone!


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7 thoughts on “2018 Plans and Goals

  1. Good luck with the financial goals!

    Couldn’t comment on your matched betting post for some reason but that has been a great side earner for me. Once you’ve done most of the easy sign up offers I try to focus on the £/time equation for any of the reload offers. “2 up” early pay out offers are great as you can set them up in minutes and can earn hundreds if they trigger (quite rare in football but Bet365 just did it on the darts and that triggered a shed load – I made £750 quite easily on the final for example). I will be looking out for this next time there is any darts on!
    Also I started doing no lay accumulators as I can do that in about 30 mins per day and have made about £500 a month so far with it. That still works out about £33/hour tax free so not bad, and it’s quite good fun to boot (although it’s not guaranteed money, it should be said, the maths are firmly on your side).

    1. I looked at the OddsMonkey No Lay Acca calculator and most of the bookies were showing negative expected values, am I looking at the wrong thing?
      What are the bookies you regularly do acca’s with?

      1. Hello
        I’m with theFIREstarter, No Lays can be a great earner but there can be huge variances – for example, one month, I made over £700 but then the following month, I made a £100 loss! I’m experiencing another not-so-great month so far and hope I can bag a few winners this weekend. The bookies I do accas with are Paddy, Willam Hill and Ladbrokes. Also, the occasional one with Dafabet, Titanbet and occasionally Betfred.

        All the best with your goals and good luck with the matched betting!

        1. Hi Weenie, thanks for stopping by! Yes, it’s been a bit of a baptism of fire this month on the no-lay acca’s, I understand the maths behind it though so will stick with it! Let’s hope things start looking better! I’m just starting off with Ladbrokes and William Hill to begin with.

    1. Has been mainly Nutmeg at this point, also have work pension SIPP. Each month paying off student loan is helping to chip away at that debt and increase net worth. I’ve also finally put some money into crypto-currencies, I have been avoiding it and saying it’s a bubble for months and months, I haven’t invested much as I’m only investing an amount I’m willing to lose. Will see what can happen in that space too!

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